Samstag, 8. November 2008

Mary Mother of the Poor Medical Mission 2008

September 19 2008. Austrian Red Cross headed by Mrs Putz sponsored MMP Medical Mission, in the Province of Batangas. MMP’s preceded by 1 day (19 Septerber 2008, Friday) medical clinic put on by Butong Taal Batangas Doctors and from Batangas City. Volunteer Doctors were: Dr. Boy Leano, Dr & Dra. Edgardo & Erlinda Salazar, Dra. Daisy Cauntay,Dra. Lally Masangkay, Dra. Deborah Salazar and Dr. & Dra Jun & Juliet Berberabe and five Dentist from Batangas City.
The open clinics were held in the covered courts in Butong Taal Batangas,
A large portion of the medications were provided by the Austrian Red Cross thru initiative of Mr & Mrs George & Anabel Mortel.

The medical clinics were divided into sub-specialties: Dental, Pedia, Internal Medicine. The main dental procedures involved basic check ups and tooth extraction.
Common pedia ailments included cough and colds,and in extreme cases, severe malnourishment and parasitic infestation and anemia. .Internal medical ailments included headaches, stomach and chest pains, coughs, hypertention, diabetes and pulmonary disorders. Patients were given a small course of medicinal treatments along with prescriptions should they need to fill a prescription later.
The team saw over 500 patients only for one da.y. Unfortunately, the reality is, clinics such as this provide temporary relief only and are not a long term solution for all of their medical concerns. With increased funding, MMP hopes to be able to provide a permanent or at least ongoing medical clinic and possible future surgical missions for the region to help make a more significant long-term impact. The next medical mission is scheduled for the December 2008 or January 2009. The location is yet to be determine.

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