Freitag, 7. März 2008

I've had the 'blessing' of attending two of the sessions at CTK's Lenten
Mission. Last night  Power of the Eucharist followed by a healing mass was
AWESOME! I witnessed sick people giving live testimonials immediately
following their 'healing' from Fr. Fernando. The first person who received
the healing was an elderly blind man who came in with a white stick came up
to the altar and witnessed he can now see, a woman confined to a wheelchair
stood up and walked out of the church pushing her wheelchair (a parishioner
of CTK and a regular of 5:30 mass), another lady walked in with crutches and
walked out without, neck, back, shoulder problems experienced for YEARS GONE
after the healing. Everyone giving a live testimonial at the altar was
emotional and moved by the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Fr.
Fernando *TOUCHED
every individual* who came up to him with the session ending around 10:45
(mass started at 7:00 pm). People in wheelchairs were first to approach the
altar for healing.
CTK was PACKED with overflow in the Parish Hall. I invite you to attend and
witness for yourself the power of healing for yourself or for your loved
ones. Others brought photos of their loved ones who were physically too ill
to attend or from far away. EVERYONE is welcome to attend.

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