Sonntag, 9. März 2008

Maricar needs Help

Maricah Milanio is one of the student of Mary Mother of the Poor Children‘s Center. She is 5 yrs. Old and 3rd among the broods of 5 of Mr. & Mrs Noel Melanio. Her father iob a balot vendor, earning meager & irregular income. Income derived is not sufficient for their everyday needs. Thier mother abandoned them 2 yrs. Ago due to marital conflict.

On Dec. 20, 2007, Maricah‘s right eye was accidentally hit by a toy marble. Her eye turned red & tears were falling uncontrolably. Due to their financial difficulty, her father couldn‘t bring her to a doctor for proper medication.

It was too late when they brought her to EENT. The doctor diagnosed that her right eye is already deteriorating. An immediate operation is needed to save her eye. And from here, their trouble begun.

Her father‘s income is very limited. They do not have any resources to be used for the said operation. Even their ralatives & friends couln‘t help them because they too are indigents. They asked the assistance of the Local Gov‘t. of Taal Batangas, thru the DSWD, but according to them, they do not have budget for financial assistance at present.

Their last recourse is to ask the help of Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation in saving Maricah‘s eyesight.

Reflection: MMP Austria sent 100.00 last 16 January 2008

Anyone who wants to support this child please contact Mrs Anabel Natividad -Mortel 0043(1)-954-1930.

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